Pawsitive Tails Rescue Dog Adoption Application Form

NOTE: Please answer EVERY QUESTION completely! Scroll down the page for the application.


*  Our pets are not to be kept outdoors, they are house pets and MUST live with you in your home; they WANT to be with their families!

*  Dogs do not reach their full physical and mental maturity until they are between 2 and 4 years of age. They will react as normal puppies and chew, jump, scratch, climb, need house training and often have submissive behaviors such as urination.

*  Going to a new home is traumatic and both dogs and puppies can have potty accidents, act timid, and become clingy and insecure for a period of time. Please be patient and kind.

*  Dogs can cost up to, or more, than $300 per year, and you need to be prepared financially (and emotionally) to provide adequate care for the rest of its life.

*  This application does not guarantee adoption of the pet. All applications are processed carefully and all references are checked.

Adoption, Spay and Neuter Policy

1) Our adoption fees range from $125 to $200, excluding adoption specials,  and include age-appropriate vaccinations, worming, microchip and spay/neuter. If, due to age or health reasons, a dog cannot be spayed or neutered at the time of adoption, a spay/neuter deposit equal to what our vet would charge for a spay/neuter will be required. This deposit will be refunded upon proof of spay or neuter.

2) If the dog is 6 months or older, we will make the spay/neuter appointment and take the dog to the vet for the adopter to pick up, or the adopter can pick the dog up from us at a later date.

3) If the dog adopted is a puppy, spay/neuter must be performed at 6 months of age and a refundable spay/neuter deposit will be required.

4) All adopters must have an approved application.

5) A signed adoption contract will be required for all adopters.

Fill Out the Adoption Application Below

NOTE: If a question does not apply (for instance, your landlord’s name/number and you own your home) please put n/a in the space provided. The form will not submit properly if you leave blank answers to the questions!

If the form is submitted correctly, you will see a green message letting you know it has been submitted. If you don’t see that message, scroll up and the questions you missed will be in red.

(by providing this information you are allowing us to contact your landlord please inform them of this call so they will speak with us)
(Providing us with this information you are allowing Pawsitive Tails  to call your vet.   Please contact your vet and ask them to authorize the release of information to Pawsitive Tails.)
Personal References Please list those who are familiar with both you and your pets.